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If all goes well, we will have The Express Tribune’s national reporter Azam Khan speak with class on Wednesday about his reporting on the cyber crimes draft bill. The bill drew a strong negative response from Internet activists and journalists in Pakistan because it is being seen as a poorly drafted legislation that will endanger more civil liberties than it will protect. I went through some of the articles Azam has written over the past few months and have made a selection below. I want you to go through the articles before our session, so you can ask him questions both about the issue itself and its coverage in the media.

March 18: Independent agency proposed in final draft

March 23: New law gives spy agency immunity

April 16: Panel takes up draft bill on cyber terror

April 16: NA Committee approves controversial Cybercrime Bill

April 17: Bored teens, ethical hackers can end up in jail

April 24: NA session on Cybercrime Bill postponed till next week

May 3: Govt ready to tweak Cybercrime bill





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